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About Us

Biography of Susanne E. Schwaiger

Susanne Schwaiger

born 1962 in Augsburg, Germany

Susanne is a dedicated trainer and teacher. She successfully combines her work as a personal trainer with her experience of many years with horses.

As a learned teacher she has a fond knowledge in psychology, pedagogy and didactics. In addition she improved her knowledge and practical experience in methods of meditation, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), psycho-cybernetics and mental training. During years of employment in industry she gained practical experience in teamwork and leadership. She quickly realized that horses are the perfect partners to include into leadership-trainings.

In 1997 she completed her studies as a personal trainer and established the Pegasus-Project®, which offers open workshops for horsepeople, leadership training for managers, and an education program for “Horse Assisted Self-Development Trainers”.

Since childhood Susanne has been attached to horses and through the years developed fond knowledge, experience, and an intuitive feel for horses. In 1994 she absolved the examination in natural therapy of animals.

Susanne’s greatest desire is to give an impulse to evoke a greater awareness in horsepeople and trainer colleagues for the physical and emotional needs of horses. In her view there are no means to justify the simple “use” of horses as an “instrument” neither in sports, hippo-therapy nor in horse-assisted training or therapy. Horses have to be perceived as living, feeling partners, having their own individual and specific needs.

Her books were welcomed with enthusiasm by horsepeople, trainers, and therapists throughout Germany.


Our Horses:

Bon Jour und Belena

Bon Jour und Belena, meine langjährigen Lebensbegleiter und Co-Trainer, freuen sich darauf, Menschen in ihren Entwicklungsprozessen zu unterstützen. Sie leben in artgerechter Umgebung, sind ehrlich, begeisterungsfähig, kontaktfreudig, friedfertig und verlässlich.


Unterstützt werden sie von den Pferden auf dem Staudenhof und anderen pferdischen Kollegen.

Nelli, unser kleiner Sonnenschein mit hohem Kuschelfaktor, kümmert sich hingebungsvoll um das emotionale Wohl aller Zweibeiner. Sie findet „Couching“ allerdings viel schöner als Coaching.