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My Books

Sorry, currently these books are only available in German.

Buch: Der Weg mit Pferden - Ein Weg zu mir

The Way with Horses - a Way to my Self

Horses are excellent partners in the school of life. They show us in an original, natural, and honest way what we ourselves express in every moment. The intent of this book to release and accompany a process of alteration as to how you feel and think about yourself and horses. There are questions, tests, exercises, and games, which will help the reader to more reliance and inner freedom.

Buch: Persönlichkeitstraining mit Pferden - Das Praxisbuch

Personal Training with Horses - The Book Trail in Practise

Everybody who learns how to harmoniously cooperate with horses will gain a very personal experience to make use of: more clarity, more self-reliance and more natural authority to prevail. This helps to develop leadership abilities, forming harmoni-ous man and horse partnerships without force and fear.

Buch: Kenne ich mein Pferd?

Do I really Know my Horse?

The relationship between man and horse is at least as important as the riding. Do you desire a harmonious partnership with your horse? Do you like to really know your partner horse and its particular individuality? If you do, you have the right book.